Version 0.1b changelog + insights

2 Expensive 2 Break version 1.0b1 Changelog:

Major changes:
Explosive barrels finally explode! Also Camera shakes when the explosion is close.
We have fixed the truck's radio, so Music has come!
Stop staring at plain text and enjoy the new fancy Menu!
The game is funnier now! We've changed the target to: "Destroy as much as you can!" (This still
isn't perfect and we are gonna look into this again in the future)

Minor changes:
Performance should be much better
Broken objects respawn, pieces despawn
A fair bit of SFX

So, why has a pretty small update taken us a month?

As you may know, the game was originally developed for a game jam, and we spend roughly the first week just fixing all the small internal errors and polishing the code - simply, getting rid of all the junk that we somehow bodged to work. We even completely rewrote one part of the code.

So, after this week, we finally started to work on new features. Each of those mentoned in the changelog took from 1 - 3 evenings. Together with a few features unmentioned int the changelog we were ready to put up a new version after two weeks. We were so confident we even annonced the release date on twitter.

But then our trial version of unity teams expired. Taking our budget into account, we decided to go for GitLab. As it turns out, it is pretty hard to teach your graphic designers how to use Git Bash properly.

After a week we were finally ready, and so we could put version out on   20. of March 2018. Stay tuned for more soon...

Files 174 MB
Mar 20, 2018 171 MB
Mar 20, 2018 197 MB
Mar 20, 2018 179 MB
Mar 20, 2018

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